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Features 01
Ai Captions
  • Captions within seconds
  • Support for 99+ languages + auto language detection
  • Highlight Keywords
  • World-class speech recognition
  • Complete caption control
  • Sync Trendy Sounds
Features 02
  • Font
  • Colors
  • Emojis
  • Effects
  • Position
  • Sizing

Who's using Bytecap?

Video Editors
Save hours editing videos with ByteCap's auto-captions
Content Creators
Bytecap makes custom captioning accessible to all, no video editing skills needed
Podcasters are expanding their reach with captioned short clips
Streamers are also creating captioned shorts of highlight moments.
More likely to watch a video to completion when captions were available.
Of people watch videos with sound off in public
Increase brand awareness and accessibility
More likely to share videos that have custom captions

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